Rivendell Preschool

Community in the Classroom

We have been learning about community helpers. The dramatic play area has a post office, humane society, and farmer’s produce stand. For community helpers, we’ve been working through a children’s book series called “Whose Is It?” looking at the different tools, hats, hands, and clothes that people use for different types of jobs. The preschoolers are finding that every person’s job affects the next person and that all jobs are important no matter how big or how small!

We are now focusing on democracy. The preschoolers had a “king” rule the classroom and make every decision even what they got to eat for snack! The king ate chocolate kisses and the students got one string bean! “No Fair!” Democracy, the voice of the people, was heard and they voted for everyone to get a chocolate too! We also looked at how diversity played into democracy by looking at how different groups of people were allowed the right to vote at different times.

Next the students will learn about the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos or also known as the Day of the Dead. Not to be confused with Halloween. Dia de los Muertos is about honoring and connecting with ancestors who have passed. We will be decorating sugar skulls and dancing skeletons.