Rivendell Preschool

Grab your bags…… We’re going to Europe!

Our current school-wide thematic unit is the continent of Europe. Before the preschoolers are able to jump into learning about Europe, they must first get a sense of our planet. In order to do that, the preschoolers have been learning about maps!

Students worked on their spatial awareness and abstract thinking skills by taking a bird’s eye view of their classroom.

There are many different types of maps: city, state, country, continent, and world maps. Next students learned how different maps relate to each other and where they are on the map. We did this exercise by using concentric circles starting with a self portrait on the smallest circle and ending with the Earth on the largest circle.

Just for fun, preschoolers used their newly required mapping skills to map out the sequence/ journey the family goes on from the book: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We’re going on a Bear Hunt map. Students also made popsicle sticks people and will follow along on the map as we read the story to sharpen our map skills. It’s been so much fun learning about maps!

After getting our passports, students board a pretend flight to London for sight seeing, riding a double decker bus, and enjoying a tea party. Next we’re of to Paris!!