Rivendell Preschool

Learning is All Around Us

No matter where you turn in the preschool classroom, you will find that learning is happening in every corner. We have different intentional learning areas including math, science, dramatic play, blocks, reading, literacy, music, technology, calm down, art, school wide thematic area, and fine motor. Every two weeks, the classroom materials are switched out to reflect a new theme that we are working on and to keep things new and exciting. We also incorporate our school wide and classroom themes into academic time and any work at the table.

Here are some photos showing the learning all around us:

Students are offered an invitation to create project each morning as a way to transition into the classroom.

Creativity is found everywhere! We build and explore with our engineering skills. We put on plays and dress up in wonderful costumes. We also use our imaginations to make materials come to life.

Hope you enjoyed a look into all of the learning that happens each day in our preschool classroom!