Rivendell Preschool

Look who has been walking in our hallways… Dinosaurs!!

The preschoolers are ending the thematic units on a big note…. Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur tracks and Alison’s and Rachel’s dramatic play areas.

We have learned that scientists who dig and study dinosaurs are called paleontologists and that dinosaur fossils are found on every continent of the planet.

The most interesting recent discovery is that all birds are ancestors of dinosaurs. (Not all dinosaurs are related to birds though.) Some dinosaurs had feathers, hollow bones, beaks, wings, laid eggs, and built nests  just like birds today.

Preschoolers created colorful paper for an Eric Carle style dinosaur bulletin board.

This week students will make dinosaur fossils with salt dough and design their own colorful dinosaurs. We will end the unit learning about a 10 year boy who made an exciting dinosaur discovery