Rivendell Preschool

Off To Asia We Go

Welcome back from Winter Break! We had a great first week back. We jumped right back into work sessions, projects, specials, and our new thematic unit-Asia.

The preschoolers will be travelling around Asia stopping at many different countries. We will explore the geography, clothing, language, food, architecture, holidays, and more.

In P.E. Jeff challenged us with a New Years’ resolution. We are going to get more exercise! He taught us 6 exercises-plank, tuck jump, burpees, balancing, jumping jacks, and mountain climbers. Each student chose a bean bag, that color represented which exercise they were going to do. We did a lot!

We worked on self-portraits in the classroom. We drew ourselves way back in September and now we our updating our portrait. Students are becoming aware of the parts of their body and portraying their idea of themselves on paper. We will do another self-portrait in April.

We are excited to dive into our study of Asia. Be on the lookout for the signs of our learning in the hallways and classroom!