Rivendell Preschool

Our Week…

As we are leading up to Thanksgiving break, we are wrapping up our five senses unit and preparing to move on to winter holidays. During this unit we celebrate holidays from all parts of the world, tell fairy tales, make and share food, and bring magic into our rooms.

The preschoolers had such an amazing time at the Mercado. We got to practice our Spanish and were overjoyed with our purchases from the market.

In P.E. we have been having relay races. We are getting used to the process of one person going through the obstacle course then coming back and telling the next person to go. Jeff challenged us to go through the obstacle course forwards, backwards, and on tip toe feet!

In Science, we learned about the bones in our ears. We made our own music shakers and tried to guess mystery sounds.

The preschool teachers hope that everyone has a fun and safe Thanksgiving break. We will see you in December!