Rivendell Preschool

Spread Your Wings!

The preschoolers have been learning all about BIRDS!

How can you tell it’s a bird in the sky and not a plane? How can you tell it’s a bird in the tree and not a squirrel? How can you tell it’s a bird in the pond and not a fish? Preschoolers are learning what makes a bird special: wings, feathers, hollow bones, beaks/bills, lays eggs, tail, and warm blooded.

We’ve studied bird nests and their function.

STEM: Preschoolers building nests and we had some Friday afternoon fun making some bird nests for jelly bean eggs!

Next, students learned about migration and flocks. The preschoolers got to spread their wings and pretend to be geese and fly in the V formation. We talked about why geese fly this way and also examined the unique way starlings fly in flocks to protect themselves from hawks.

Last, we will learn about the life cycle of the chicken from hen to egg to chick and back to hen again before writing our bird journal pages and moving on to dinosaurs.