Rivendell Preschool

“…that’s why we need diversity!”

This month we are learning about the industrial revolution. We have defined industrial as making something and revolution as change. Thus, the industrial revolution is the change of how we make things from creating by hand to producing products by machines in factories. Students will also learn how people moved from farmlands to cities to be near the factories.

These are the industrial revolution dramatic play areas in the classrooms.

Along with learning about the industrial revolution, our preschoolers also spent some time this year learning about diversity and inclusion. When the subject of slavery came up, one young girl shouted out, ” That’s why we need diversity!”

The preschoolers learned about Eli Whitney and the invention of the cotton gin. Next we will be learning about George Washington Carver, former slave, and his contribution to agriculture (crop rotation) and the cultivation of the peanut plant. We will end the unit with Mary Walton, inventor of two pollution reducing devices in 1880’s.

Cityscape scissor cutting project. Students practice cutting rectangles from ovals.

The preschoolers will explore these ideas by hand sewing a dress for a doll and creating a scissor cutting project of a truck through the process of working on an assembly line with each child having their own specific job.

Preschoolers sewing a doll dress.