Rivendell Preschool

Trying New Things in Preschool

Hello families,

In preschool we have been trying new things and working on new skills.

We are finishing up our reptiles and deserts unit. Students have really enjoyed sharing their Reptile Reports! Preschoolers got the chance to experience researching, writing, and presenting information in front of an audience. In turn, their classmates have gotten the chance to practice listening skills, comprehension skills, and how to ask a question.

Some new centers have been incorporated into our classrooms. We are completing tough puzzle projects like putting the entire alphabet in order while working with a small group. We are working with play doh and stampers to build our small motor skills. We are building our imaginations with puppets. And, we have been turning our kitchen area into a full service restaurant. This is a great way to practice our social skills-ordering from a menu, creating new dishes, and dealing with any unhappy customers 🙂 .

Rivendell Restaurant
Completing an alphabet puzzle cooperatively
Play doh creativity
Puppets are useful for many things

Finally, our parent reading sessions are an important and special part of preschool. Thank you to all parents who have read so far and to those who will read in the future.

Have a great week!