Rivendell Preschool

Week 1 of School is Done!

Hello Rivendell families,

Can you believe that first full week of school is over? Time has flown by this week as we have been learning all sorts of school routines. We have routines for the bathroom, cleaning up from centers, coming inside from recess, and the list goes on. These preschoolers are doing a FANTASTIC job of learning routines and following directions. And this is just the beginning!

One project that both classes worked on this week is “The Kissing Hand Project”. We read the classic book The Kissing Hand. This is a story about a young raccoon overcoming his worries to go to school for the first time. This project is the first in our preschool cutting curriculum which focuses on the skill of bilateral tearing. As we progress in our curriculum we will move from tearing to snipping.

It wasn’t all work this week, we also did a LOT of playing out on the playground. Outdoor recess is an important time in our day. We go out whether it is rain, snow, or sun. On the playground we practice many important skills. We might be learning how to negotiate the use of the wagon. We might be strengthening our legs on the bikes. Or, we might be going down a tall slide for the first time. The preschoolers enjoy their outdoor recess and the teachers enjoy watching these new experiences unfold.

We can’t wait to see what we learn next week!