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Criaturas Encontradas: Creature Features

July 24-28
Ages 8-12
Bree Newton and Chris Johnson
Cost: $355

Not so long ago, people went to the movies to be frightened and fascinated by Godzilla, King
Kong, giant ants, the “Blob”, werewolves, Dracula, Frankenstein, and scary robots. Early
animation techniques will be explored. Children will illustrate a couple of different types of
‘moving animation’, make our own monstrous, city-destroying creatures, create outlandishly
sized ants, try to recreate our own “Blob” to take home in a baggy with a carpet warning, and
make stylized movie posters. We will study Claymation, early works of Georges Méliès, stop-
motion moving pictures, and see how they put it all together pre-CGI. Way-out-of-date footage
will be briefly explored to gain understanding of these lost arts. Register here.