Rivendell Science

Ancient Greek Astronomy!

We dabbled in 2 of the Ancient Greek past times this week in SCIENCE> theater and astronomy. We acted out just what the Greek astronomers were observing in the sky.  We made ancient observations, meaning, we used NO technology, not even a telescope and viewed the sky as seen a LONG LONG time ago.

Some children depicted “all powerful Earth, sun, stars and planets” while others served as astronomers arguing whether the Earth was a tube, flat or as Pythagoras finally reasoned, round!

Finally we documented our observations in our notebook. It was hilarious, thought provoking and absolutely amazing to see just what our “modern day minds” already know.

Do not worry, I summed up the actual rotation of our Earth, moon and planets around the Sun.IMG_1852 IMG_1853 IMG_1855 IMG_1860 IMG_1866 IMG_1870