Rivendell Science


We have been studying all things universe!!! Our weekly theme within the topic units for all grades is

Oct. 9-13 Gravity /Planets, Oct. 16-20 stars, Oct.23-27 the moon, Oct. 30-Nov 3. universe, Nov.6-10 Humans in Space

Our space exploration has started with gravity. We learned that the more mass something has, the bigger its gravitational force.  Next we classified planets according to size, distance, color and gassy or massy or both! We have investigated the life cycle of stars and phases of the moon as well as constellations and what happens to a bright star.

Our PK have played with gravity and designed their own constellations.

YK have classified the planets and dropped and measured craters on our model moons.

MK have created a picture/word wall for all classes to learn from and made models to explain rotate and revolve.

Ok have mastered the acronym to memorize planets, experimented with seasons and have begun the journey into understanding fusion, refraction and gases that make up our universe.