Rivendell Science

Autumn -leaves and pumpkins

We took a break to stop and enjoy the season.  We have planted tulip bulbs, collected leaves and are learning about cycles of a pumpkin, apples and corn.

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Leaves come in so many shapes, sizes and colors…so we decided to investigate them.  We studied some scientific terms like petiole, stipule, apex and blade.  We discussed how the green (chlorophyll) dominates the reds, yellows and browns. All these autumn colors only show up once the sun fades and energy returns to the tree. OK identified leaf types and vein patterns and made a scientific art piece.

PK and YK also investigated the life cycle of a pumpkin…asking the big question “what came first, the pumpkin or the seed?”  We read, wrote, colored and acted out the life cycle from seed, sprout, vine, flower, green bulb to swollen orange pumpkin and finally Jack0Lanterns!

While our science notes and artwork are being stored in their individual science folders (to come home at end of year) I occasionally hang them outside the class to show off.  Look outside our science lab to see the OK leaf work.