Rivendell Science

Deserts and Reptiles

Students have been hard at work in science the last few weeks. We have been learning about reptiles and other desert plants and animals. While the younger levels learned about what makes a reptile a reptile, the older grades focused on desert animal adaptations and all the cool ways animals survive and thrive. Thanks in part to all the wonderful donations from our Fun Run, this week we had visitors from the Northern Colorado Herpetological Society. We got up close and personal with a Bearded Dragon, an Iguana, a Box Turtle, and a Ball Python!

All levels have been exploring desert plants and the adaptations they need to survive the harsh conditions they live in. We have an ongoing exploration of succulents. We are exploring succulent propagation and which conditions yield the best results. We are starting to see some real growth in a few of our Jade leaves and many of the babies from the Mother of Millions plant!