Rivendell Science

Design Thinking =STEM

Cardboard Creations, tinkering, hot glue and anything made into something cool…these are all Friday Freeday- 20% time (taken from Google) and rainy day projects that I have always encouraged and embraced in children . This is what our barn workshop, my favorite art rooms, summer camp and my oldest son’s bedroom have all looked like for years.

It is now called “maker space” “innovation stations” or “design thinking.”  My fun has been taken to the next level!  please follow some of these links to see what inspires me and what could very well change family’s Saturday afternoon.



Here is a link for the Northern County Makers Fair that is Happening in Loveland on October 8-9. This will be a great chance for families to see some amazing things that result in something as simple as engineering and cardboard, recycling creations. https://makerfairenoco.com/

Global Cardboard Challenge