Rivendell Science

Earth Elves

Earth Elves is a brand new club…..grown from our staff who run the Environmental Leadership Team.

I am the club’s Lead Learner….this means I make the schedule (2nd Tuesday of the month at lunch)  take time to mentor and guide the students through their tasks and ordered the t-shirts.

ALL students were invited to participate and after 2 meetings we closed the group to those who were committed to giving up their recess during club time.  These student’s are committed to making time to become Earth Keepers and help our school community expand it’s environmental awareness and practices.

WE are:  Sueda, Michael, Gracie, Eli, Lia, Iyla, Bella, Sam Daniels, Greta, Cali, Lev, Quentin, Eva, Josie, Emily and Haley.

We have met 3 times and created a list of tasks and small committees to lead those tasks. Our first order of business was presenting a skit at group sing to demonstrate what lunch materials go into which bin. After 1 month we realized more education was needed, so they have presented in every classroom twice this past week to share their knowledge with the school in hopes for greater effort with lunch recycling participation.

Their task list was developed from a brainstorm and so far consists of the following:

Recycled Art fair, Earth Day presentations, Classroom competitions to Reduce waste, Peo”tree” book, adopt a part of the trail, gardening, insect garden, and fundraiser for dishwasher to get wash trays and cutlery so we can stop wasting plastic forks and spoons.

THESE ARE ALL THEIR IDEAS!! we are having a blast and we mean business!

Earth Elves eating with PK and YK teaching them to recycle!