Rivendell Science

Fall 2020

October was a fun month here. These young scientists and engineers have been doing great things! We wrapped up our Ancient Greece and Rome unit by embracing the Romans’ great engineering skills. We learned about the Engineering Design Process and applied these skills in a variety of ways. Younger and Middle Kids learned about how Romans were some of the first to formally construct roads to help their armies move more safely and efficiently. We then worked to design and construct a Roman Road. These levels also learned about the strength behind the invention of the arch and worked with a partner to build an arch using just cubes.

Older kids also explored arches and learned about the design process as well. They worked through the whole process of identifying a problem, planning and building prototypes, testing and making improvements to these prototypes. They designed and built fishing nets and windmills using only specific materials. I loved watching their creativity come to life and was impressed by their ability to overcome obstacles and solve problems with a group.

I have been working with the preschool teachers to go along with their weekly units. We explored the insides of pumpkins and made using the seeds and pulp. We made butter to go along with their farm unit.