Rivendell Science

Greek and Roman Engineering

They say “Rome was not built in a day.” and “All roads lead to Rome.”

We have been studying just how much of our life today is in fact influenced by the minds of the Greeks and the Roman engineers.  We discussed radiant floors that were established in Roman bath houses, curbs and gutters, bathrooms, milestones (mile markers), some of the greatest weight loading bridges which carried aqueducts, survey tools known as a groma, Archimedes screw, arenas, scaffolding, modern formulas such as Pi, and ancient tools such as an Abacus.  So much of our modern world has been shaped by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.

While the PK and YK actually practiced building ancient Rome with roads, bridges and working aqueducts, the MK and OK chose to create our own model of an ancient city and will build it together.


Each MK, and OK student chose a vital piece of history to study and build while the PK, and YK will put in all of our bridges and roads.  Our city will be on display on Friday October 7th. Come on in and see how our Rome was in fact built in a day, well three.


This week PK and YK built and learned to count on their own abacus.