Rivendell Science

Industrial Revolution

I wanted to share what your amazing kids have been doing in science over the last several weeks during our Industrial Revolution Unit.

I have continued to collaborate with Alison and Rachel in Preschool to go along with their weekly units of study. We explored the phases of the moon with Oreos and have been looking into the causes of some extreme weather. They will be bringing home their tornadoes in a jar this week!

For the other classes, in the spirit of innovation inspired by the Industrial Revolution, we had a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with some amazing engineering students at CSU. These young engineers worked very hard to prepare a fun lesson on the Engineering Design Process and presented it over ZOOM to our Rivendell Students. Students were presented with the challenge of creating a Rube Goldberg machine that used various energy transfers to complete a simple task. We saw machines that were designed to pour a glass of water, squirt some toothpaste and turn off a light, just to name a few.

While this process did present some challenges, the kids worked really hard to preserve and continue to work towards their goal as a team. I was super proud of all their hard work!