Rivendell Science

Mayan, Aztec and Incan Engineering

We started the process of engineering this week.

PK got to use blocks to design long roads, bridges, walls and temples while YK< MK and OK worked on group and individual designs.


We began by sharing information, questions and ideas we already have. We did this by answering essential questions such as “why do we study ancient civilizations?” or what challenges did the Mayans face while building their civilization?” This type of brainstorm allows all the children to formulate questions, answer with enthusiasm and build on each others’ ideas. This critical thinking style will be used with every topic unit throughout the year. There is no right answer so everyone can practice sharing in class.

MK and OK used our Ipads to research images and information to inspire them and off we went with cardboard, wood, glue and more!  The ancient villages will be our focus to learn and peer teach from.