Rivendell Science

Mesopotamia- the fertile crescent=soil science

Ancient Mesopotamia had a lot of good science and engineering to offer the world.  AND a lot of mistakes that we are still trying to solve.

  1. the wheel = YK got to work on making a cart that would roll. As you can see from the photos below, there were many different engineering designs. The practice I value with an activity like this is ingenuity, small motor skills and Tenacity. Engineering design rarely happens perfectly the first time. I use the appropriate word when speaking of this.  PROTOTYPE>  maybe you can support this with a “maker shelf” at home. The problem solving, basic skill practice and pride that comes every time from design is critical to participating as problem solvers of our future..
  2. soil science= Mesopotamia was known as the fertile crescent for thousands of years…until salinity got the best of them. Our farmers today are still working out the logistics of salt in the soil.  MK and OK took time to experiment with absorption, erosion and salinity.  Testing a variety of soils for their growing properties and crops for their tolerance to salt.