Rivendell Science

Our new friend Michelangelo

As you all know, we have cycled through a few reptiles  throughout the past 3 years.  Most recently we lost our beloved Snapshot.  He was little and young and all the kids adored him.  I had a hard time diagnosing his illness and chose not to take him to the vet because it was going to cost too much.  Since his breed is exotic, there are few vets that know how to care for such animals.  I learned that I cannot take on the cost alone, and it was a healthy lesson in loss for many kids who are still talking about it a month later.

Since then a few parents have come to me about starting a “Reptile Fund.”  and are happily supporting our reptilian learning endeavors while two Rivendell brothers have generously donated their lizard to the Science Lab.

He is a “Fancy” Bearded Dragon named Michelangelo—or Little Mike”  He is actually quite large and VERY curious.  So far the students are having a great time getting to know him and he is kind and willing to be handled.

If you would like to donate to the REPTILE FUND>>>you could grab a gift certificate from Scales and Tails on College where I buy all his food and supplies.