Rivendell Science

Ocean zones

All of the kids are beginning to understand just how BIG and DEEP the ocean is. They are also able to identify the zones and what lives in each zone.  The PK really like playing with the ocean creatures, but they can also tell you about their identifying features and how that might help them to live up high in the ocean or down deep.
YK – know the 5 zones as sunlight, twilight, midnight, abyss and trench. They already know it is dense and salty down deep light only goes so far. They made density towers to represent the light.

MK-understands that the currents move different water in that ocean column around and the nutrients down deep feed the plants and animals in the sunlight zone. They are also beginning to understand that currents cause that stirring up of water and some currents take centuries to circle the globe.

OK- can identify where the currents are coming and going and if they are warm or cold. They understand the difference between the high pressure of the midnight and abyss zones and how the creatures have adapted to live there.They have also begun to understand the pull of the moon on the ocean and what makes a spring or neap tide.