Rivendell Science


Environmental Leadership Team has been working for 4 years to transform our fence line into a garden.  Year 1. students dug 2 plots and planted a pollinator garden.

Year 2 we put in watering system and dug up all the fence line and plated about 6 plots to increase our pollinators. We harvested and spread our marigold seeds, had a lot of sunflowers and added fence vines as well as pumpkins!

Year 3 the railroad kindly replaced the old barbed wire fence, but we lost a LOT of soil, all of our climbers and have to start fresh.

Luckily our kids love to garden and the Earth Elves club raised money to buy plants! Here are some photos of the kids working together to harvest our plants, take down the sunflowers and spread out 4  cubic yards of soil!