Rivendell Science

Scientific Method- leading to science fair

All kids had 3 weeks to study the scientific method with me during science class.

PK – worked on following instructions and procedure with magic milk. We practiced asking questions, making guesses and observations with vinegar and baking soda. Then stating observations and conclusions with newtonian fluid play (cornstarch and water) They wrapped it up with results and conclusions with dissolving candy.

YK pretty much followed the same process but recorded some of their own experiments in a notebook. They also worked on drawing and reading a procedure for building an engineering design.

Middle Kids actually practiced following the method 3 times and worked on writing procedures clearly. They Love collecting data and are finally learning how to analyze and summarize their results.

Older Kids spent all of their time at school for 6 weeks straight-even giving up breaks and art to perform their own research, writing, experiment, graphs, conclusions and boards. It was a LOT of work and the first time we have used this “AT SCHOOL” method….but as many of you have seen through judging, it was worth it. We had a blast and learned so much more than just the method.