Rivendell Science

States of matter. SOLID, liquid, gas

The question “What’s the matter/” has taken on a whole new meaning. We are not concerned about why, but WHAT?  we have identified the 3 states of matter, yes and plasma. We have run around acting out SOLIDS, which are tightly packed together with a definite shape, liquid which is freely moving but touching and takes on the shape of its container, and gas, which takes up as much space as it can and moves a bit more charged (and the kids love to act out!)

Our topic unit has also moved into the study of acids and base or the change that occurs with simple chemical reactions. This exploration started with ph in PK and YK. We used a wide variety of liquids and added them to cabbage juice, which is a neutral. This test gives us the true color on the ph scale.  The ph scale is a bit more than they care about, but the chemical reaction and change that occurs while mixing IS VERY INTERESTING. As you can imagine the ever popular baking soda vinegar reaction captured in a balloon was an enthralling and meaningful experience.

MK and OK started by investigating chemical and physical changes in matter and molecular structure. We sculpted molecules, drew them and have learned about the atoms and why the periodic table is full of numbers.  Our next step is ph where they will be expected to identify common properties of acids and base.