Rivendell Science

Trace your Turkey, from Farm to Fork


Please click on the link and reference the photos below to read the lesson I created for the kids to understand just exactly what it takes to Trace their Turkey from Farm to Fork!

Each student got to act out a part, call various truckers and watch as their “operation- thanksgiving” came to life.

We counted at least 4 trucks, hundreds of miles, 8 different business operations including incubation, packing plants, cold storage and 2 farms.  There are dozens of people involved and loads of energy=carbon used to power it all.   Although your Thanksgiving provides hundreds of jobs from skilled scientists to truckers, farmers and teenage checkers/baggar’s, it takes a LOT OF ENERGY.


Needless to say,  LET”S ALL take time to be aware and GIVE THANKS!


Cheers to you and Happy Holidays,

Kari Gill