Rivendell Science

Welcome Back to Science and Engineering at Rivendell

The summer has been great, but I am TRULY happy to be back with your kiddos in our Science Lab!

I have heard a lot about your students’ summer fun and especially viewing the Solar Eclipse! I went to Nebraska to experience TOTALITY!! I cried for 2.5 minutes, it was such a beautiful experience. No scientific language could express the magic of taking off the glasses and seeing a 365 degree sunset! The corn fields were perfect for watching my shadow go from crisp to vanish in an instant. The birds were confused, my dog was uncertain and the cheering crowd all confirmed it was a rare moment to remember!

I am collecting viewing glasses to send to kids in South America, who will have a chance to see the Eclipse in 2019, so bring in your used pair.

The first 2 weeks in science have really been about policies, procedures and play.  PK went on a scavenger hunt, circling the pictures of things they found in the lab. YK, MK, and OK got to explore an area of the lab and teach our peers what, where, why and how to use it properly.  MK and OK also took time to practice the scientific method while exploring a science toy.

They used the method- OBSERVE< EXPLORE> PREDICT> ANALYSE> RECORD> CONCLUDE – we will keep all worksheets and handouts at school in their science notebook. It will come home at the end of the year. I believe a collection is more memorable than random sheets each week.



The lab will have 2 OPEN LAB times this year. Students will be invited to come to Lab on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunch. This time is for building, exploring, following simple experiment cards and free science play. ALL MK and OK will eventually have a turn, but the list of invited students will be posted outside my door in the morning and the students who are invited will be chosen because of great thinking, peer collaboration, amazing work, participation and following Lab rules and responsibilities. If your student says ” I never get to go to open lab, it could mean they are struggling a bit to stay on task in science class.” It could also mean that they have not come up in the rotation yet~ since everyone in the class is rocking it!  Feel free to email me with any questions. kari@rivendell-school.org