Rivendell Spanish Language


Older kids finished a unit on family, community and country celebrations and traditions. They learned that people in Guatemala fly barriletes or kites for Day of the Dead. They decorated barriletes and banderas (flags) and talked about their own traditions. All students learned about Pascua or Easter and the popularity of cascarones or confetti filled eggs. These eggs are cracked over someone’s head to bring ‘buena suerte’ or good luck. In preparation for our ‘Journey to Asia” experience, students compared the Hindu festival of Holi in India with Easter. They discovered that both celebrations happen in spring and involve bright colors.

Middle kids translated a story about a baby elephant and baboon. They made their own books and wore masks to act out the story. Younger kids learned the names of figuras or shapes in Spanish and created their own pictures. Students have been practicing songs and poems in Spanish and their vocabularies and conversational skills have grown.