Rivendell Spanish Language

Cinco de mayo and el mercado

It was fun celebrating cinco de mayo and making maracas. The Preschool, YK and MK enjoyed learning the Mexican hat dance as well. Listening to stories in Spanish and reciting poems and songs helps students to understand the culture and build their vocabulary.

Older kids practiced phrases and dialogue to use in a mercado or Mexican market. They made crafts to sell and signs to advertise their products listing the price in pesos. The crafts were amazing. We have such talented and creative students at Rivendell. The experience is always a highlight of the year. We will miss our graduating 5th graders, but I’m confident in their abilities to succeed. I encourage students to keep their Spanish skills sharp with language apps like Duolingo, reading bilingual books available at the library and communicating when ever possible in the target language. I hope you have a fabulous summer.