Rivendell Spanish Language

Flurry of Vocabulary

Students are back at work building their language skills. Preschoolers and younger kids have discussed common greetings and animals. They are practicing describing animals using color, number and size words. Middle kids are listening to stories in Spanish and reading sentences to match the story line. Their translation skills are really improving. They are learning a choral reading about Groundhog’s Day. Older kids are focused on applying their vocabulary to writing descriptions about snowmen. They are improving their verb conjugations and sentence structure skills. Games are a great way to practice dialogue, grammar and build vocabulary. Students received a card with a body part name in Spanish. They had to draw that part to help create a snowman. They also worked in partners to read clues in Spanish about different snowmen and match them correctly. See pictures below from theses activities.

It has been a busy winter and students are speaking, reading, writing, and listening in Spanish. If you want to help your student improve their skills here are some ideas. Duolingo is a great free app for your phone that reviews vocabulary. Freerice.com is another program to practice language skills and provide food for the needy. The library is a great resource for bilingual books and media. Buena suerte and enjoy!