Rivendell Spanish Language

Latin American Market

The school wide topic study of Central and South America has been fun to integrate into our Spanish curriculum. The older kids created and designed wonderful crafts to sell at the Latin American market. The entire school shopped at the mercado and spent their ‘pesos’. It was an interesting opportunity to experience the culture and practice our Spanish conversational skills.

The middle kids listened to folktales from Guatemala, Panama and Peru. They re-enacted the story of Conejito, a skinny rabbit that visits his auntie in the mountains to get healthy. He encounters many challenges along the way as he meets animals that want to eat him for lunch. The students did a great job learning phrases in Spanish to retell the story.

All classes have compared the differences in winter holiday celebrations and similarities such as the use of light. Students have enjoyed singing Feliz Navidad and Ocho Kandelikas and decorating tarjetas de Navidad.

Felices Fiestas!