Rivendell Spanish Language

Latin American Market

025029067     The Latin American market was a wonderful experience for the entire school.  The older kids prepared beautiful rainbow bracelets, poppers, surprise bags, acorn animals, paper hats, cookies, cupcakes and more.  Their creativity and hard work was impressive.  They did a great job speaking Spanish in the market and demonstrated excellent pronunciations during the 5th grade skit.

Maya, Incas and Aztecs

156 157We have had a wonderful time exploring the ancient Maya, Aztec and Inca civilizations and their connection to the Spanish language and culture.  We will continue to work on our Spanish conversational skills as we prepare for the Latin American Market in November.  Older kids should prepare 25 – 30 crafts to sell at el  mercado on Thursday, November 21 from 9:00 – 11:00.  The 5th graders will also present a skit in Spanish on Tuesday, November 19.  All students will receive ‘pesos’ to spend at the market and enjoy the language and cultural experience.

Exploring Spain

The younger and middle kids have enjoyed exploring the culture and customs of España.  They learned about Don Quixote, bull fighting, the flamenco and geographical aspects of the country.  They  also practiced dialogue through Spanish conversations.  The middle kids concluded their study by writing an acrostic poem about Spain.  Here are two examples:

S alsa on chips                                                         S kiing is popular                      

P aella is a popular  dish                                           P layas are beautiful

A lot of architecture                                                   A mazing castillos

I nteresting                                                                I nteresting music

N iños take a siesta                                                 N iños

by Jake Coester                                                       by Nicolas Goyen

Latin American Market is a Hit!

[nggallery id=1]The older kids really stepped up to produce some fabulous treats and amazing crafts for this year’s market!  The entire school enjoyed shopping with pesos and experiencing the culture.  We had cupcakes, cookies, brownies, duck tape wallets, clay animals, jewelry, poppers, finger knitting, bookmarks, and many more inspired creations.  I am proud of the students’ initiative and effort to make this event a success!  Enjoy the photos.

Latin American Market Update

     Students are looking forward to our Latin American market on Tuesday, November 13th.  Older kids have prepared crafts and food to sell at the market.  All students will receive ‘pesos’ to shop at el mercado and are encouraged to dress in Latin American attire for the day.  It will be a fun way to practice Spanish and experience the culture.

 In addition, the fifth graders will present a skit in Spanish on Thursday, November 15 in the commons.  Michele and Inta’s class will present at 9:30 and Jane and Ashley’s class will present at 10:00.

El dia de los muertos

El día de los muertos or Day of the Dead is a celebration or time of remembrance for family and friends that have died.  Students have learned about ofrendas or altars that families put up in their homes to honor their loved ones.  They use velas or candles, calaveras de azúcar, calacas and pan de muertos to decorate their altars.

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 – October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month.  This month Rivendell students will learn about the many contributions of the Hispanic community.  We will celebrate the culture and customs.  Enjoy this poem by Carmen Tafolla

Tu tesoro                                                                         Your treasure

Hay un tesoro escondido                                                There lies a hidden treasure

más brillante que oro puro.                                             The world has not yet seen

Tu pasado, sueños, futuro                                              You hold this treasur in your voice,

son en tu voz el gran tesoro


Preschool:  We have been practicing Spanish greetings and color words.

Younger kids:  We are learning the Spanish alphabet and reciting the date in Spanish

Middle kids:  Oral practice with Spanish phrases, greetings and questions.  Understanding verbs and memorizing sentences.

Older kids:  Vocabulary for likes/dislikes and shopping/food terms.  Dialogue practice with verb conjugations.


Welcome to Spanish

I am looking forward to a great year of Spanish language experiences.