Rivendell Technology

Back in the Saddle (er, Lab) Again

Welcome back to a new school year! I’m excited that we get to be back in the computer lab again this year–masked up, of course. We’ll be using our Windows 10 desktop computers there (Older and Middle Kids will also have Chromebooks that they’ll use in their classrooms).

We have lots to cover this year. Younger Kids will learn about using a mouse, the desktop computer interface, keyboarding, creating digital art, searching, games and activities based on our topic units, simple coding, and more. Middle and Older Kids will learn about internet safety, how to use Google Docs, image and video editing, search skills, coding and binary numbers, and 3D modeling as well as other topics.

Computers are everywhere these days (Younger Kids counted over 300 in the Rivendell building alone!) so we are looking forward to getting to know all about them.