Rivendell Technology

Sites we Use

Here are some of the web sites we use in the Rivendell Technology classes for the various age levels.

Younger Kids

  • Boobah Zone: interactive non-text exploration game environment for learning to control the mouse.
  • ABCya.com: Lots of games for various levels of ability. Many reinforce reading and math concepts as well as allowing kids to learn more navigation.
  • Wildkratts: A PBS Kids site, based on the show, that has lots of great info on animals and habitat. We use this in conjunction with our topic units (this year, Deserts and Reptiles).

Middle Kids

  • Typing.com: Touch-typing lessons and games.
  • This is Sand: One of their favorite art creation sites.
  • Pixlr.com: A free, fully functional photo editing program.
  • WeVideo: all MK & OK have accounts for creating videos.
  • Google Drive: for creating and storing documents.

Older Kids

OK will access many of the same sites as Middle Kids. Older Kids also have access to email in their Google accounts, as well as Drive for creating documents, presentations and spreadsheets.