Rivendell Technology

Up to Something

Here’s what we’ve been up to the first few weeks in technology class:

  • Practicing touch typing. Using a keyboard is still an important skill. As I always tell the kids, the faster you can type, the faster you can get your schoolwork done! Older and Middle Kids have accounts at Typing.com to keep track of their progress. We use some games for Younger Kids, like Type Rocket and Cup Stack.
  • Older Kids learn about internet safety. Good online citizen ship, keeping your data safe and creating good passwords are all important. They learned through a game called Interland.
  • Navigating the Chromebook interface using the mouse, touchpad and keyboard. Middle and Younger Kids found games for this at ABCya.com (note that you can only use free on desktop/laptop systems, not mobile).
  • Middle and Older Kids learn how to create and format Google Docs, and use their Google Drive for storage.

Everyone is enjoying their Chromebooks and getting to be more proficient and using them!