Anna Cohee
Science & Engineering
BS Environmental Science, University of North Carolina-Asheville

I came to Rivendell in 2021 because I wanted to teach science in a hands-on, project-based environment. I love that Rivendell kids are curious and love to investigate big questions.

Before I came to Rivendell, I taught environmental science in outdoor classrooms and worked in wildlife research. I have spent my career teaching, developing science curricula, and contributing to biological field research.

I believe that kids can rise to big challenges when they have the confidence and tools to do so. Science is not an advanced topic for an elite group, it is an accessible way to objectively observe the world. In my class, we don’t just focus on science topics, we practice teamwork and collaboration to foster independence and a community-based problem-solving ethic.

When I’m not at Rivendell, you’ll find me hiking, reading, spending time with my dogs, or teaching part-time in the Biological Sciences department at FRCC.