Fallon Fritz
Fallon Fritz
Assistant Head of School
BS Elementary Education, Oklahoma State University
National Board Certified Early Childhood Generalist
7 years teaching experience

I found Rivendell in 2014 as I was looking for a preschool for my son. I was drawn to the emphasis on play and individualized instruction. We enthusiastically enrolled Max to attend, and later his sister followed. I began volunteering and substitute teaching at school and enjoying all the activities and events for families.

I have worked as a teacher mentor and coach and the Summer Camp Director at Rivendell. I served as a board trustee for nine years, six as the board chair. Through my work on the board, I have participated in the leadership of the school and now have left the board to become a member of staff—the Assistant Head of School.

I believe that students must have their physical and emotional needs met before they can meet their full learning potential. Feeling safe and valued can be directly connected to their success in school. Beyond meeting those needs, every person is a unique individual and thus should be taught in unique and individualized ways. Great teachers rise to the challenge of decoding the learner to find the most effective and efficient way to teach them. A person’s education is intertwined with how they experience the world. Their experience of the foundational years in education will impact a person for their entire life.