Lou Palangi
Lou Palangi
Youger Kids

Lou is from Chicago and graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in History. Her Masters in Education focused on game-based learning, the impact of nutrition on cognitive development, intrinsic versus extrinsic motivational techniques, and how to incorporate art into math instruction to increase self-efficacy.

She takes an approach of a coach showing students how to learn, what to learn, and their learning purpose. She loves to ignite the natural talents and passion of students through engaging, communicative experiences!

She is excited to work at Rivendell because her teaching style includes cultivating a sense of belonging, compassion, humor, respect, empathy and an ability to learn from mistakes, which fits well with Rivendell's philosophy.

Lou raised her two sons, Henry and Patrick, and daughter, Allie, on the Central Coast of California. Her family naturally gravitated towards Colorado for all the great opportunities outdoors from mountain biking to paddle boarding! Lou also has extensive experience in professional photography.