Rivendell Younger Kids

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Younger Kids News

Dear Parents…

It was wonderful to meet with you all for conferences during these past few weeks!  Thanks for taking the time to come and chat about your wonderful kids. We are excited for the remainder of the year and we look forward to seeing your kids reach for those goals that were just set.  

This is our final week studying Westward Expansion.  After learning all about the Louisiana Purchase, the Corps of Discovery and Lewis and Clark we will now turn our attention toward the individuals who decided to strike out toward (and beyond!) the state that we call home.  Next week we will transition to our penultimate topic of this school year, Weather.

Speaking of the weather, thanks so much for ensuring that your child is ready for whatever the weather might throw at us.  We appreciate you having those snowpants, gloves, hats and coats here for those wintery days!

Have a super week!

Seth, Annie and Dylan