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Monday, April 15, 2019

Hello, parents!

We hope that you enjoyed an extra day with your kiddos this weekend! While they were excited to have an extra day off, teachers were grateful to have an in-service day here at school. We only get two of these valuable days each year, and we use them to complete major items on our to-do list as a staff. For the last few years, we have devoted much of that time to improving our math curriculum. This year, our focus is literacy. We are thrilled to be completely revamping our reading and writing scope and sequence. We can’t wait to offer our families a new, fresh look next year! We believe that this updated curriculum is going to serve our students in a way that is engaging, exciting, and highly effective.

We are on our last week of our plants unit. We will be talking about parts of a flower as well as some neat plants native to Asia. There will also be a special guest visit from Dr. Courtney Jahn and Dr. Adam Heuberger (Saul’s parents) who specialize in Horticulture and Bioagricultural Science at CSU. They will be spending time with each Younger Kids class to do some in-depth and hands-on experiments and activities! Also, your child will get to bring home the small plants that they planted at the beginning of the unit. We encourage you to continue observing their growth at home!

This Friday, April 19th, is Earth Day. Kari and the Environmental Leadership Team have some fun activities planned for us that morning. Wear green or Earth Day shirts if you have them to show some love for mother nature!

As a reminder, the Egg Drop is next friday, the 26th! Refer to that bright green sheet that came home last week for further instructions. We can’t wait to see all those unique designs!

All Younger Kids classes will be stopping by the Book Fair today for a preview of what’s available! The Book Fair will be open for purchases before and after school, and we kindly ask that parents accompany students during that time.

Have a great week! Enjoy the great weather.

Rachael, Seth, and Annie