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Monday, August 26, 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to what we think will be another excellent school year!  We had a terrific first three days last week and we are excited to be back with our classes today.  

The beginning weeks of the school year always contain so many new things for the kids to get used to.  We are spending a lot of time building friendships and learning new routines, schedules and expectations.  

For students new to Younger Kids (YK), this week we will be completing our beginning of the year assessment.  This brief, informal assessment gives us a jumping off point for your child in each of our curriculum areas. We consider this a jumping off point because we are aware that one-shot assessments provide you with just that, one picture of a child on a given day.  For our students returning for another year in YK, we are checking to see what skills they may have strengthened over the summer and which ones might need a bit of review. As we begin our reading, writing and math worksessions in the coming weeks we will be constantly assessing our students as they are introduced to new skills.  This will give us even more information to make sure that each of our students is challenged appropriately in each and every area of our curriculum.

While we are excited to meet with you all at back to school night next Thursday, we wanted to address a few items prior to this meeting.  Please make sure to arrive prior to 8:30 every morning. We understand that things can come up that make us all late from time to time, but regularly arriving before 8:30 provides many benefits for your child.  From 8:00 – 8:30 students get to choose an activity to start their day at school rather than starting up with the scheduled items for the day. Additionally, our morning meetings typically start at 8:30 sharp. We complete many activities during this time including reviewing the day’s schedule, learning about math during our calendar activities and sometimes reading a story or having a morning check-in together as a group.  Thanks for ensuring your child gets to start her/his day by participating in all of these enriching activities!

We also wanted to mention a couple things about birthdays.  Please do not bring birthday invitations to distribute at school.  We have a Rivendell Directory that you can get with relevant contact info.  We do, however, love to celebrate your child’s birthday at school! If you choose to bring treats for your child’s birthday please give us a heads up if you can so that we can plan accordingly.  You can bring the treats in the morning, leave them with us on our counter and we will take it from there. Please remember that treats need to be store bought, free of nuts (and nut products), and in their original packaging.  Thanks for your help with this!

Lastly, we know that you have many choices in where you send your child for elementary school.  We appreciate greatly the trust you have placed in us to help educate your child. We will do everything we can to validate this trust and ensure it will be a fabulous year!

Have a great week…

Seth, Annie and Dylan