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Monday, September 9, 2019

Dear Younger Kid Families,

Our first week of reading and math worksessions, Topic Unit Projects, and writing sessions have gone wonderfully! The students are engaged and excited to be diving into their academic challenges after so much practice and training that past few weeks. Whether it was using math manipulatives to solve equations, or writing on their journal pages, the students are ready to learn. 

This upcoming week, we will be working on identifying and defining deserts. Starting with the deserts of the world, and then zooming into the Sahara Desert, we will be looking into how the traits of the desert affected the culture and habitat of ancient Egypt. The students will then be working with a world map and an Egypt map to understand how the two maps are related and when one map may be beneficial over the other. 

With so many exciting things happening in the classroom, you want to hear as much as you can about it! So, it can be frustrating on the car ride home when you ask about your student’s day and the only answer is “it was fine,” or “I played.” These school days are so jam-packed with learning, working, and playing that the kids are most likely coming home exhausted and maybe a little overwhelmed. To get more information out of your student, try to ask specific questions. At Back to School Night, you received a full schedule of their day.  Instead of asking about the whole day, ask more targeted questions like if: they played a new game in PE, they worked with shapes in math, or what they wrote about in their journals. 

The students are working hard learning new routines, making new friends, following instructions, and having fun. 

As always, thank you for sharing your children with us!

Dylan, Annie & Seth