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Tuesday, November 12th

Happy Tuesday Younger Kid Families,

Last week, we wrapped up our Senses topic unit! The students enjoyed the deep dive into how we take in the world around us. These young scientists will continue to review what they learned during the upcoming weeks in Science with Emily.

This week we will begin our next unit. Our Rivendell students will begin exploring the continent of Asia. We will be using maps to help visualize the world. We’ll take a look at the similarities and differences between a few Asian countries. And at the end of each week, we will be flexing our creative muscles by writing a travel log from the perspective of someone visiting that week’s country. 

We will kick off our unit studying China! Students will be learning about the Chinese zodiac, the flag, and where it lies in the world. Next week we will be looking into Japan.

Students have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks. Other than Thanksgiving break from November 27th through November 29th, Tuesday, November 19th, is the annual Spanish Mercado. This is the kind of event that makes Rivendell unique! Older Kids crafted, created, decorated and  baked all sorts of goodies to entice the other grade levels. Younger Kids are practicing their Spanish conversation skills by “buying” the hand made treats with “pesos” provided at school. At the end of the event, students of all age groups are communicating, developing skills, and learning from one another. Brenda works hard preparing the students all year for this, and the students love it! 

As always, thanks for sharing your children with us, and have a fantastic week!

Dylan, Annie, and Seth