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Monday, November 25, 2019

Dear Parents,

Last week during Sharing, your kids shared with the class something that they were thankful for. As this is Thanksgiving week, with only two days of school (we don’t have school Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week), we thought we’d take a moment to share what we are thankful for!

We are thankful for:

  • Having the opportunity to get to know the wonderful little people that your children are.
  • The things your kids say that make us smile all day long because of their unique (and often humorous) way of seeing the world.
  • The spirit of kindness and community in our classrooms and at Rivendell School among the students.
  • The joy of seeing your child have that spark of understanding when they finally ‘get’ a new concept.
  • The fun of watching your child learn to express themselves through writing, drawing and playing.
  • The confidence we have seen grow in your children since the beginning of the year.
  • The sense of belonging that each child has at Rivendell.
  • You, our Rivendell parents that want the best for your children and do all you can to love and support them.
  • All the individual personalities that make up our classrooms and ensure that our days are never boring!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Annie, Seth and Dylan