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Monday December 2nd, 2019

Happy Monday Younger Kid Families!

After our extra long Thanksgiving Break we are diving right back into Asia. This week we will be studying South Korea. We will take a look at it geographically and then see what similarities and differences it shares with China and Japan. The students have loved learning about new places and retained so much information even after the break. There are going to be some world travelers in this group!

As the weather gets colder, we find ourselves inside more and more. This might be a relaxing change of pace for some of us, but it can also lead to long nights for the kids. A great way to spend time together (and it will come as no surprise to you) is reading with your kids. At this age, it is easy to get stuck in pushing our students into practicing their reading skills at every opportunity, but it is still important to read to your child. Whether they are chapter books or picture books, reading with your child helps to solidify important literacy skills even when they are not the ones reading the words. 

Help your children practice identifying: characters, themes, connections, problems, and solutions. Ask questions like “What would you do if…” or “What do you think this character feels when…” These kinds of questions encourage critical thinking and deeper understanding. Take reading further than the book and create something inspired by the book after finishing it. Maybe a new chapter? A new character? Draw the map of the land, island, or woods? Ignite the passion for reading with your child and fill some of the long winter nights. 

There are a few upcoming dates to keep in mind! This Friday, December 6th, is Rivendell’s Friday Night Artwalk from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Come check out the amazing work that the students created with Tina. It is incredible and should not be missed! 

Next Friday, December 13th, is Kids’ Night In, and the following Friday, December 20th is the Rivendell Talent Show and a half-day! December will be full of excitement and hard work! It will be a blast! 

Have a great week, 

Dylan, Annie, and Seth