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Monday, December 9, 2019

Dear Parents…

It’s another week and another Asian country to visit as our learning takes us to India.  We will be completing a really cool project about the National Bird of India, the peacock.  Your child will have a chance to create a peacock project using actual peacock feathers. We look forward to these adorning our classrooms before coming home to do the same for you!

This Friday also presents us with our final opportunity for Sharing this calendar year.  Please help your child to select an item to fit our sharing theme below and practice three things to say about their item.  Our sharing theme is…

Something that represents a holiday you celebrate this time of year!

We cannot wait to see what sorts of items our kiddos bring in!

Next Friday, December 20, is our final day of school prior to winter break and we will be ending school at 11:30 for this half day of school.  The big event on this day will be our Talent Show! Madeline is organizing this event so if your child is excited to participate and show her/his talent, please encourage them to sign up and submit their sheet to Madeline in the office.  We hope to see loads of talented kids signed up! More info can be found about this event in the Sunday e-news from this recently completed weekend.

As a final note, we wish to pass on our thanks to all of you who helped out with the Art Show last Friday.  This event has become a Rivendell favorite and it truly could not be done without the volunteer hours from so many Rivendell parents.  If you helped out please receive our thanks!

Have a super week…

Seth, Dylan and Annie