Rivendell Younger Kids

Happy Monday Younger Kids Families!

The students had a wonderful time last week celebrating Halloween in the classroom. Thank you so much for the donations that made it all possible. We hope that you also had a fun time celebrating the real deal this weekend. With all of the October fun coming to a close, we look forward to some calmer weeks ahead. Something to keep in mind is that we will not be having school next Monday, we will be having a teacher in-service day. 

This week the Younger Kids will be learning about the Aztec Empire for our Topic Work. They have really seemed to enjoy learning about these Meso-American civilizations. They have been doing a wonderful job of making connections between the different cultures that we learn about, and seeing how different elements like landforms and climate affected them all differently. 

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, you may be thinking about gratitude. A 2019 study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that gratitude is deeply linked to happiness even in children as young as 5. If you’re looking for some ways to practice gratitude here are a few suggestions:

  • Writing thank you notes to friends and family. This one also has the added benefit of some handwriting practice.
  • Talking about the WOW of the day. This is a wonderful way to start a conversation about gratitude. Focusing on a positive of the day, or something they appreciated, is a small daily activity that can quickly become a habit! 
  • Creating a gratitude jar. Encourage your kiddo to write down something positive when they feel it and then at the end of the week you can read them out loud. 

This Friday is Sharing because it is the first Friday of the month. The theme for this week is “Something I am Grateful For.” To get in the spirit of gratitude, we want to thank you for being a part of our school community. We are so grateful to be able to teach these unique students everyday. Thank you! 

All the best,

Dylan, Seth, and Annie