Rivendell Younger Kids

Monday, April 4, 2022

YK News

Dear parents,

It is certainly a busy week here in Younger Kids!  We have more countries to visit on our travels through Asia, more excellent progress to make on our academics and more fun to have in the springtime with our friends.  However, the biggest event of the week is our musical!  We are so proud of the work the kids have done to prepare themselves for these performances.  We are confident that you will enjoy the show.

Every year some parents choose to take their children with them once the performance is over and you are welcome to do so.  If you make this choice, please let us know via email or in person that you will take your child after the show.  Of course on both days we will have some time for additional activities, particularly on Friday, and we will be happy to continue our day with any students who will be staying with us on these days. We appreciate your help with this.

We wanted to draw attention to one of the items from the Rivendell Newsletter that went out yesterday.  A Love and Logic course is being offered at a discounted rate.  We use this approach in our classrooms and we thought that it could be helpful for those of you who are interested in learning more about it.  When used correctly it can be a really helpful tool for caregivers to establish boundaries, set realistic consequences and foster supportive relationships with children.  You can find more info by checking out the newsletter.  If you need a link to the newsletter, or if you would like to check out any from our archive, you may find it by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our performances!  Have a super week…

Seth, Dylan and Annie